Colchester 1st Half Sales 2019

Dated: 07/29/2019

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The first half of this year saw 68 single-family homes and 40 condos sold in Colchester. Single-family homes gained 15 sales over last year while condos gained 7.

The average Colchester single-family sale price jumped 7.14% to $385,527 while condos realized a similar increase of 7.8% to $267,408.

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Colchester First Half Sales 2019:

AddressPrice - Closed
176 Wellington Street$25,101
253 Waverly Circle$28,500
42 Ashford Lane$30,000
98 Sixth Street$30,000
69 First Street$30,000
94 Wilmington Road$43,000
31 Bean Road$56,200
19 East Avenue$72,000
93 Coventry Road$76,900
261 Holy Cross Road$111,000
146 (aka:206) Johnson Avenue$125,000
259 Holy Cross Road$131,000
78 Severance Green Drive$155,000
33 Naomi's Way$162,000
804 Mill Pond Road$166,000
434 Curve Hill Road$169,000
459 River Road$172,000
51 Red Pines Lane$177,500
2758 Malletts Bay Avenue$177,501
20 Pheasant Woods #200$180,000
154 Pheasant Woods$186,000
97 Bay Meadow Estate$189,000
2330 Main Street$193,000
78 Severance Green Drive$196,500
33 Naomi's Way$199,999
66 Pheasant Woods Drive$203,000
78 Severance Green$203,000
156 Whispering Pines$205,000
28 Heather Circle$207,000
104-1 Woodbine by the lake$209,000
126-6 Partridge Hill$210,000
125 Hollow Creek Road$215,000
190 Oak Circle$216,000
138 Partridge Hill$222,500
45 Village Common$230,000
97 Indian Circle$240,900
197 Lupine Drive$241,000
665 East Road$243,000
228 Lupine Drive$247,423
263 Holy Cross Road$248,000
35 Wintergreen Drive$255,200
1015 Main Street$265,000
182 Giffin Court$270,000
316 River Road$271,000
124 Pine Lane$276,000
859 Porters Point Road$279,900
755 Sand Road$282,500
22 Clover Lane$286,000
569 Porters Point Road$293,000
184 Timberlake Drive$293,000
97 Reynolds Drive$295,000
71 Sunset Drive$295,900
220 Justin Morgan Drive$296,000
143 Abigail Drive$297,500
1517 West Lakeshore Drive$305,000
74 Abigail Dr$305,000
11 Norway Drive$305,000
28 Briar Lane$306,000
415 Colonial Drive$309,000
110 Aikey Lane$315,000
31 White Lilac Way$315,000
189 Abigail Drive$319,000
122 Jeffrey Drive$319,900
60 Evergreen Circle$324,900
80 Colchester Point Road$325,000
823 Creek Farm Road$326,000
65 Turquoise Drive$333,000
503 Bonanza Park$334,900
275 Hidden Oaks Drive$335,000
110 Tanglewood Drive$335,000
296 Oak Circle Circle$335,000
57 Ford Lane$340,000
99 River Road$345,000
183 Chimney Hill Road$355,000
35 Conquest Circle$355,000
46 Mazza Court$360,000
30 Harvest Lane$360,000
204 Depot Road$369,000
20 Richfield Lane$370,000
558 W Lakeshore Drive$375,000
119 Wintergreen Drive$384,900
27 Hazen Lyon Road$385,000
80 Paulines Way$390,500
37 Jocelyn Court$395,000
171 Marble Island Road$397,500
52 Giffin Court$398,000
111 Poor Farm Road$399,000
15 Cottonwood Crossing$399,000
29 Hazen Lyon Road$404,900
1029 Blakely Road$406,000
509 Windemere Way$413,800
14 Village Drive$415,000
659 Main Street$415,000
21 Seymour Road$415,000
219 Blackberry Circle$418,500
292 Coon Hill Road$419,000
137 Crossfield Drive$425,000
132 Hillcrest Lane$429,000
108 Kathleen Lane Lane$443,575
197 West Red Rock Road$455,000
63 Marina Loop$460,000
39 Marina Loop$460,000
1414 Marble Island Road$464,000
1396 Marble Island Road$467,000
64 So Bay Circle$475,000
50 Churchill Lane$485,472
1465 East Road$490,000
25 Hidden Oaks Drive$495,000
37 Kathleen Lane$514,000
56 Overlake Drive$555,000
133 Arbor Lane$560,000
79 Churchill Lane$576,243
132 Pond Brook Road$578,000
296 Colden Road$595,000
121 Landing Avenue$710,000
570 South Bay Circle$750,000
1167 Marble Island Road$766,600
265 Buff Ledge Road$1,136,500
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